Welcome to Mystical Unity Wiki!
Welcome to the Mystical Unity wiki!

It has information centered around the anime, Mystical Unity. Explore the world of girls who become fighters to save the world from tyranny and control.

Violet Star, the purple fighter, is the leader and is known as the major Unity in all of Mystical Unity. Chloe Gold, the pink fighter, is a fallen princess with a dream of baking. Cheryl Elven, the green fighter, is a princess with the determination of no defeat.
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History Behind Mystical Unity
A small girl from a small town became something big. She became what was called the Great Witch, Mary Unity. Until when she went to her old home, she was killed by men, excusing her for witchcraft. Her death came to what was something special. She cast a spell that made cut gems that gave a source of power in them that was not seen from many other crystals in the world. These formed to created the items used for the girls that become heros of the world, Mystical Unity!
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The Mystical Unity Wiki is a place where the fan made franchise, Mystical Unity is shown. Anyone can help edit and share their ideas to stories and concepts for the franchise. You can help expand the wiki by contributing and making your own series here as well.

Make sure you talk to the creator and read the rules before getting started

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